Dusting it Off

I dOn’t really have time tO dO a lONg pOSt tODay, such is the stORy OF my life these days and why the blOG is sO neglected!!

Life is status quO here, mamas wORking, kiddOS playing and grOwing at warp speed. We nOW have a 6 mONth Old whO is trying very hard tO crawl and a sweet, but crazy 2.5 year Old.

We are lOving the new hOUse and neighbOrhOOD despite sOME issues with drainage in the yard. We finally gO arOUnd tO getting Addy the swing set she’s been wanting and nOW we have tO drag her in nightly in tears when it’s time tO stOP playing.

We are heading Out tO Griffins 6 mONth appOINtment in a few minutes sO that’s all I really have time fOR. I did want tO put up sOME pictures since pOOR Griffin has never even made it ON tO The blOG yet!!


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One Response to Dusting it Off

  1. Amanda says:

    You have been withholding that adorableness?!?!?! Bad blogger, bad blogger!!!! Life goes fast with littles, seriously, don’t blink!

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