Is anyONe still Out there?

WOw. I haven’t written a blOG update in 4 mONths. I cOuld honestly give yOU a laundry list OF excuses. We have a secONd child, I wORk a crazy schedule, we’re still trying tO settle in tO a new hOUse, my daughter spilled beer ON my laptOP and fried it, and it tOOK us a mONth tO get the Other laptOP Operational, Only fOR her tO spill water ON it, which has made randOM letters shOW up as capitals and irritates the crap OUT OF me when I type. SeriOusly, life has been sO crazy and the keyboard is annOYing, but I want tO spill sOMe updates here. I’m gOINg tO Try tO keep it brief.

  1. We welcomed a fantastic little man in tO Our lives On November 11. That’s right we nOW have a 10/10 and an 11/11. He gave his mamas a fit getting here after ONE scheduled and cancelled c-sectiON, an induction at 41 weeks which led tO an actual c-sectiON birth when he failed tO tolerate cONtractiONS. He came Out screaming, with blonde hair with sOME red highlights. A healthy 8lbs even (much smaller than we anticipated) and 21.5 inches lONg. We named him Griffin David. He has fit seamlessly right intO Our little family. Adelaide adORes him and he is fOR the mOSt part an easy baby. He dOEs have reflux much like his sister, and eats with such gustO that he grunts and arches his way thrOUgh his bOTtles because the milk simply dOESn’t cOme Out fast enOUgh. He HATES tO be tired and will lOse his mind befOre dosing Off, but Once he is asleep, he is an awesOME sleeper. He was sleeping mOStly thrOUgh the night by 2 mONths Old. He is an extremely happy, smiley guy. We saw his first smiles at just 2 weeks Old, and he was giggling at a little Over 2 mONths. He is alsO gOIng tO be a talker like his big sister. He lOVes tO babble and shriek, and cOO. He makes his wants known and dOESn’t like tO be left alOne, he’s a sOcial guy fOr sure. He sO far shOWs the same affinity fOR babas (paci’s) and blankets his sister has. His face lights up when yOU hand him a muslin blanket, which he promptly pulls up Over his face and snuggles right in tO. He is grOWing like a week, but mOSTly in length. He is gOIng tO be lOng and lean, which is a quality the rest Of girls Only wish we had! We can’t wait tO see whO this little man becOmes.
  2. Adelaide is cOMing up hard and fast ON 2.5. She is fully potty trained during the day nOw,  and thOUgh we still use pull-ups at night, she is 95% OF the time dry in the mOrning. She is unfORtunately still using the baba at night after the OCcurrance Of night terrors, but we figure it’s her Only vice and we aren’t pushing it. She sleeps in a toddler bed nOw tOO, althOUgh mOSt nights she appears sOMEtime between 3-6am tO climb in tO Our bed. She speaks at the level Of a 3-4 year Old and understands concepts beyONd her years as well. She is alsO very funny and clever and keeps us ON Our tOEs. She is incredibly sweet and sensitive tOO, always ready tO hand Out kisses and hugs and checking ON everyONe. She coOs and swOOns Over her baby brOther tOO. She lOVes tO play pretend, pretending tO be a teacher, playing babies, gOIng tO the market, making meals etc. She is Often leading us in sONg and dance, while we are her students. She started tap class in January and lOves it. Any excuse tO wear a tutu and march arOUnd with nOIsy shoes is a winner in her bOOk. She can dress herself in mOSt easy tO put On clOthing and lOVes tO pick Out her Outfits and shoes fOR the day. She just mOVEd up anOTher level at schOOl and the transition has been great fOR her. After almOSt a year in the previOUS class, she was getting bored and was crying at drOP Off almOSt every schOOl day. She is back tO part-time nOW that brOTher is enrolled tOO, and we lOVe Our 2 days Off a week tOGether.
  3. We bOught and mOVEd intO Our new hOMe in NOVember. We were SO happy tO be Out OF that tiny apartment and appreciate all the space we nOW have. We mOVed tO a smaller tOWn OUTside OF the One we were wanting tO buy in. We simply couldn’t affORd the hOUSes where we wanted tO Be, but we aren’t tOO Far Out and lOVe where we are. We are alsO clOSer tO Ashley’s family, which has been great fOR Addy as she gets tO See her cousins mOre, and wONDerful fOR us as Ashley’s sister helps us with the kids fairly Often. We nOW have a bedrOOM fOR everyONE, a playroom, and a bONus rOOm. We alsO have a fenced in backyard, but unfORtunately we’ve discovered majOr drainage issues since mOVing in and the seeing as the yard is a swamp, we’ve yet tO be able tO enjOY it. Once the weather warms up fOR gOOD and the grOUnd is thawed, we will be placing sOME french drains with hOpes tO use the yard we’ve dreamed OF having this summer! We still have bOxes randomly abOUt and nO pictures ON the walls yet, but we’re slOWly getting there. I’m trying tO fOcus ON One rOOM at a time ON my days Off, sO it’s slOW gOIng. Adelaide handled the mOVe well, and lOVes the new hOuse as well. Our neighbOrs have a 2 and 3 year Old, sO Once the weather warms up and the kids are Outside mORe, we hOpe they will get tO play mORe.
  4. Christmas was wONderful and Addy was spoiled rOTten. We made the rOUnds tO see bOth families again, which is exhausting, but alsO nice that we can dO it. DOn’t want tO gO intO full detail ON all that nOW, but just knOW we were blessed as always.

I think that’s a gOOD quick update fOR nOW. HOPefully I can return sOONer rather than later tO give mORE detailed updates and mORE details ON Our new little guy. HOPefully sOMeONe is still reading Out there! I dOn’t even have pictures ON this Other cOMputer yet tO shOW him Off, sO I will wOrk ON that tOO!



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One Response to Is anyONe still Out there?

  1. Amanda says:

    I am still here. Life is just as crazy as yours lately. LOL! 2.5 is the age of independence and general “I do” mentality. Hold on tight, year 3 is quite the ride, it was way harder than 2. Yes, we need to see pictures of the new little one!!! ASAP! Get on that!

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