Addy turns 2!!!

Adelaide turned two last week and I just can’t believe how fast 2 years can go when you’re having fun and are so in love! I keep getting flashback pictures of her as a newborn on my time.hop and Facebook memories feed and it brings me right back.  Words can’t express how much happiness and joy this little girl has brought to my life in the past two years. I’ve never loved someone so completely and entirely that I would do ANYTHING for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but the love a child is like no other. This girl is something else too. She is smart, sweet, funny, sassy, wild, and a charmer. She is well known all around her school, all the teachers love her and often here from the director that she is a “favorite.”

Adelaide at age two:

Weight: 26lbs- 40th percentile

Height: 33 inches – 25th percentile

Language: This little girl talks up a storm, but I have to admit she gets it honest. I was an early talker and Ashley and I are both pretty chatty too. She speaks in full sentences, and can tell a short story, use directionals, sing full songs, etc. She constructs sentences using two different ideas. “Mommy’s at work. She will come home later.” She has a slight forward tongue lisp, likely a result of the pacifier, but we feel she will outgrow it. Everyone is still able to understand her at this point, and she will be evaluated by speech next year at school and we can pursue therapy if needed, but we’re really not that worried at this point. 

Likes: She still likes her baby dolls. She’s very good at pretending and role playing and likes to make us food and put us down for naps! Playing outside is still high on the list. Swings are a huge favorite still. She likes the baby swings and the big kid swings equally and I usually have to drag her off them to get her to do other things at the park. Drop off for school goes best when her friends are on the playground. She LOVES to jump in her bed. Since moving to the apartment, her rocking chair is now by her crib and she can climb in by herself (luckily not out!) so she gets in her bed multiple times a day to jump like a mad woman. We will be talking to Santa about a trampoline this year! She still carries her blankets around with her everywhere, and has been stealing her baby brother’s blankets too. She jumped on the Froz.en train about a month ago, and while it seems to be dying down some, she is still pretty into it. She also is on a D.ora kick right now unfortunately. It’s not my favorite show, but she loves it. She also still enjoys doing art projects, though we can’t do as many in our currently living environment due to space constraints and no table.

Milestones/Skills: She can jump with two feet off the ground. Kick a ball and dribbles with good ball control. She can climb ladders mostly independently at the playground. She can stand on one foot. Gallops. She knows most of her shapes and colors, can sing her ABC’s, and count to 10, sometimes further. She can use an open top cup fairly well. She knows how to hold up 1 and 2 fingers when asked. She can put on most shoes and socks and take all off. She can get her pants on independently, with some help still needed for shirts. 

Behavior: She is still pretty outgoing, but is beginning to get a little more shy with strangers. Depending on the situation though she will still often smile, wave, and say hi etc. She is very funny/silly and enjoys making people laugh. We do see some of the typical “2” behaviors of saying no, throwing tantrums, and hitting/throwing. Often if you tell her to go to time out, she agrees and goes to sit down, well aware she was wrong. Sometimes if she is having a mean temper tantrum, it won’t go so well and a real battle of wills can ensue! She can turn a deaf ear if she doesn’t want to do something too! She is great with her manners though, we even hear from her teachers that she always says “no thank you” and “please.” She is getting a little clingy with me these days and often chooses me over Ashley. This hurts Ashley’s feelings some, but we think it’s partly do to my more frequent absence and Ashley’s inability to carry her much right now. She is WILD. This girl has so much energy. She runs everywhere she goes, can jump for hours in her bed, etc.

Potty training: This comes and goes in waves. She does really well for a few days, and then not for a few days. I think we also get a little lax some days. Her pediatrician feels she can be in underwear now. She said that maturity and language development are good indicators of readiness. We are working on underwear at home now on my days off and we are doing pretty well. Most accidents happen in the car seat (ugh!) or when I’ve gotten busy and forget to remind her. We aren’t ready to send them to school yet as she doesn’t tend to have success at school very often. I’m thinking too many distractions! Surprisingly, she does better with poop than pee, which I’m very grateful for!

Baba: So after her second birthday we decided it was really time to ditch the nighttime baba (pacifier) use. It took three nights to get her to accept that it was gone and fall asleep without it. We used the Baba Fairy and she woke to find a little treat of bubbles and a dollar the next day. She went for about 4-5 nights with no baba and unfortunately she was waking several times a night unsure how to get herself back to sleep. She was also waking up an hour early every day. We just stuck with it figuring it would all work itself out. Until 6 nights in, she began having night terrors and confusional episodes. She would scream bloody murder “no no no no” and would be in a state of partial wakeness. She had 2 Saturday night and another only 30 minutes into nap on Sunday. Sunday the screaming went on for almost 45 minutes, she was gagging and about to make herself sick, she was hysterical. We tried everything and couldn’t get her to calm down. We gave in and tried the pacifier and in a couple minutes it was over. We read up on night terrors/confusional events and their two main causes are change in sleep habits (ding) and exhaustion (remember all the wakings!?). We decided she wasn’t ready yet. We have a lot of big changes coming up (new baby, new house) and don’t want to cause any undue stress. We plan to try again after the holidays.

I will post a separate post with pictures about her two birthday parties and some other exciting news!!


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One Response to Addy turns 2!!!

  1. Amanda says:

    Awwwww! Happy Birthday, Addy (and Mamas!!!)

    She is growing up quick! And crushing those milestones.

    The potty training comes and goes typically. Totally age appropriate. Sounds like you are off to a great start though.

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