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So as planned we did get to take Addy to the zoo a few weeks back and complete one more thing from the SBL. She absolutely loved it and we wish we had a little more time. We didn’t get there until noon figuring 5 hours would be plenty of time, but honestly we still didn’t get to see all the animals we wanted to see and Addy was still having a blast when it was time to head out. We would love to go back and are hoping we can squeeze in one more visit before it gets too chilly. We didn’t get a ton of pictures as I took a lot of video with the video camera showing her reactions to animals, but I do have a few shots. It’s a really great zoo. Her favorite parts were seeing a mama and baby gorilla wrestle and play and getting to see the polar bear swim RIGHT in front of her face, he even used his big paws to push off the tank wall right in front of us! It was very cool. She also liked the elephants and giraffes. She said “wow” a few times when looking at the giraffes and said “that one is taller!!” We made the mistake of not packing a lunch and paid a metric ton for very mediocre food, so we will make sure we don’t make that same mistake again.

We ended with a little drama courtesy of pregnancy hormones. We hit the gift shop on the way out which stays open 30 minutes past closing time so we could grab Addy a tshirt and souvenir. While looking around I heard a young college kid whining about people still being in the store to a coworker and was a little miffed. I called Ashley over and told her to listen to him. Then he began emphasizing to his coworker that it’s “always people with strollers” which we were a people with strollers. Cue pregnancy hormone rage. Ashley confronted him and basically told him that the store was still open and we had the right to be in there with our stroller picking out our merchandise and if he had a problem he should find a new job. That speaking about customers in ear shot was inappropriate and he needed to be happy he had a job.  When he tried to counter back and say he wasn’t saying anything, she demanded to speak to his manager.  He again denied saying anything and immediately walked off to another part of the store and no manager ever appeared of course. Ashley felt a little guilty later for making a scene, but his behavior was unprofessional and rude. I hate when I see young folks not appreciating their job because there are adults out there that would give anything to get paid minimum wage and be “inconvenienced” by customers in their store.

Aside from the zoo our summer has wrapped up slightly uneventfully. I took Addy to a jumping place for my birthday. I wanted to spend a fun day with her and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We then had a friend over for chicken chili and a little birthday cake, it was a small affair which was fine by me.

Ashley and Addy took a weekend trip the weekend prior to my birthday to the beach with her family. I had to work so I missed out on the adventure but it sounds like they had a great time. Addy loves the beach and loves playing with her cousins even more. I missed them terribly but luckily had a busy work weekend so I didn’t have much time to miss them.

We are getting settled in to the apartment and after some issues with roaches and mold in the AC unit being resolved we are feeling more content to ride this out. We are still always looking at potential houses but in reality we know it’s best to stay until after the 1st of the year, when the little man is here and Ashley is back at work. We are living very small, but we are making it work. Addy really loves the apartment because all of her things are so close by. She can play with her toys and go in her room and it’s all on the same level and she doesn’t need her mama’s to go with her. I will have a separate post on Addy and how she is doing and her new found independence and other exciting news. I really am worried about how we will fit baby gear and baby stuff and then when Christmas comes there is no place for a tree. I plan on making it work one way or another though, that’s one of my favorite times of the year and I refuse to let Addy miss out on such a special fun time of the year just because we’re in the apartment. She may have to say goodbye to a few toys for the month, but I think she will be happy with what replaces them!

Ashley is getting BIG and rather uncomfortable. She is now 34 weeks-6 weeks away! It’s hard to imagine we are going to have a whole other little person living here in as early as a month. Little man is actually measuring a little big, but they say not alarmingly so. Ashley is already panicked about giving birth, so the thought of giving birth to a 9 or 10 lb baby is terrifying to her! We’re hoping he will level out in the next few weeks and end up average. She is starting to have a bit of swelling as well but her BP is remaining normal so no worry there. Sleep is elusive many nights and she is starting to need the support of a belly band. Baby is very active and spends a lot of time moving and kicking and rolling around. He has found her ribs which is not so much fun for her, but we both get a kick out of feeling him move around in there. She definitely has the pregnancy waddle now and her boss seems to think they baby looks to have dropped some. We’re both a little hopefully he comes somewhere between 38-40 weeks and not late. I don’t think Ashley would be comfortable at all much past that time since she is so big already.

Speaking of the little guy, we had a baby shower this past weekend. It was a great time. My family was all able to make it down except my middle brother and we had lots of friends and Ashley’s family as well. Marie (ashley’s mom) did a great job with all the planning and everyone had a lot of fun. My mom and I helped with some mini diaper cake decorations, but otherwise Marie really outdid herself with the food, games and decor. We got some really great gifts and got a stock pile of diapers and wipes started-woohoo! We now have his carseat, stroller seat, some clothes, and bottles. We are pretty much ready for him to come when he is ready. I do need to wash his clothes and organize those, but I still have some time for that.

My mom graciously bought us a new dresser for the kids room. Unfortunately the dresser we had bought for Addy secondhand, just didn’t survive the move. It was collapsing in the middle and was extremely unsafe and unstable. We were terrified for her to go near it! Mom also helped me put it together, and if you’ve ever put together ikea furniture, you know the adventure that can be!

We’re headed up to Virginia today as soon as Ashley is done with work. Addy is currently at school so she didn’t miss her Tumble bus time, but I will be going for her shortly. She went everyday this week, so I’d like her to get to be home today. When she naps I’mgonna pack up the car. We’re going up to have Addy and Maira’s 2nd birthday party with my family. We’re doing an Elm.o theme and they’re going to love it. Addy loves the idea of it being someones birthday and getting to sing to them and bringing them cake. She brought me “happy birthdays” for several days after my birthday. I’m so excited to see her face when it’s her turn!

My birthday fun!

My birthday fun!


Me and my girl on my birthday

Me and my girl on my birthday

She wanted to wear her cousin Abby's headband.

She wanted to wear her cousin Abby’s headband.

Trip to the new splash pad in the next town over. She was a little "off" this day and only sort of participated.

Trip to the new splash pad in the next town over. She was a little “off” this day and only sort of participated.

IMG_2868 IMG_2874

Zoo fun

Zoo fun

IMG_2900 IMG_2902

Singing and dancing about the "monkeys on the bed" while looking at the monkeys at the zoo.

Singing and dancing about the “monkeys on the bed” while looking at the monkeys at the zoo.


Making s'more's with our friend Felicia. This is Jen's fiancé and Addy loves them both!

Making s’more’s with our friend Felicia. This is Jen’s fiancé and Addy loves them both!

mmm chocolate

mmm chocolate

Climb Addy climb.

Climb Addy climb.


I love to see her little feet when she jumps!

I love to see her little feet when she jumps!


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One Response to SBL, Baby Showers, Apartment life

  1. Amanda says:

    Woo hoo, a baby soon! I have always wanted a “Halloween baby” but we ended up with December and May babies.

    Zoo food is astronomical. We always pack a lunch/snacks and find a quiet corner to take a break and enjoy. Small apartment living is totally doable with little ones. I know it seems overwhelming but when actually in the day to day grind it is not so bad. Our house is 4 times more space than the TINY cottage that we brought Little Monster home from the hospital to and where we lived until he was almost 2. Honestly, I miss that small space sometimes. A little tip for holidays: Get or make a felt tree. Seriously. It clings to the wall. Takes up no space. Santa can leave the gifts in front of it. Can add felt ornaments that you and Addy can make together….speaking of, no “real” ornaments to worry about a toddler taking off. Easy to put up and take down. We did this one year when we were living in the tiny house and it was PERFECT and one of our most memorable Christmases.

    PS- Boo does us the strider balance bike..NOW. She also avoided it like the plague for the first few months. We just kept giving her the option and eventually she warmed up to it. I think it is harder for shorty kids. They feel less stable. Give her time and I bet she will be zooming around on it by spring. Good luck!

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