Dear sorry neglected little blog

This blog has suffered this summer. I’m never the greatest at writing and updating as frequently as I’d like but I really did intend to try to keep up with the SBL and our summer happenings. Then the house went on the market and off the market in 3 days and we had to be out of our house and into an apartment in 4 weeks with a vacation, pregnant wife, and full-time work weaved in there. We started getting the house ready in the end of June, and here we are mid-August and I feel like the summer just disappeared from us. I’m saddened by this. Our summer started out so strong. We were going to the pool almost everyday, Addy and I did some fun crafts/sensory activities, we played outside A LOT, and then rather abruptly the summer became a hurried affair of how much we could get done in each unplanned minute. Our trips to the pool were majorly cutback, we only went to the splash pad one time, no museum visits, no noodle boats, no zoo. I had big big plans and I feel like I dropped the ball big time. Mostly I feel like I cheated Addy out of a great summer I had planned for her. She has ended up in school more often as she is now enrolled full-time. It just made more sense rather than panicking with who was going to care for her on days when Ashley and I both had obligations and it’s allowed me to vary my schedule some. In addition, school has picked up the slack where I left off. They hold “summer camp” which basically means fun activities nearly everyday of the week in the summer. She has had water days, seen puppet and magic shows, painted ceramics, done gymnastics, made extra fun art projects, and had special treat days. I think she will be disappointed when school goes back to regular mode after next week!

Then the week we moved in, Ashley and I were struck with a terrible stomach bug. It appears to have been a communicable form of food poisoning we got from Addy. She tested positive the week before. I was already having to do most of the moving myself, and this solidified that. Ashley was completely out of commission on moving day, attempted to help me the next day and ended up having contractions and by Wednesday she found herself a ticket to the maternity ward for IV fluids and Abx. She did about a 24 hour stint and was feeling much better on discharge. During that time I was still trying to work some due to a shortage of PTO, tend to Addy and visit my sickly pregnant wife in the hospital. Ashley’s family who is usually nearby was also unable to help out with Addy/Ashley tending or moving, as she had a cousin pass suddenly the Sunday before the move. She had stage IV cancer that was only found 2 weeks prior to her passing. It was her mom’s sister’s daughter, so obviously her mom needed to be with her sister and assist with funeral planning etc. It was definitely a Murphy’s law week and of course I caught it while she was in there and suffered a couple of additional days past her discharge. I think we’re all clear of it now and we’re pushing the probiotics now to get everyone’s guts back to tip top shape.

Don’t get me wrong, we have still done lots of playing, and we spend the better part of a week at the beach with my family, and she’s off to the beach for the weekend with Ashley’s family as I type this blog. Now that we moved we are back to playing outside a lot since our apartment backs up to the area greenway and ends in a fantastic park. But unfortunately she has also had enough time to get addicted to and learn how to play pretty efficiently with the apps on our phones and tablets. The positive side of things is that she is young enough that even small things thrill, and she has no idea that she has missed out on anything! I have caught her trying to sneak pasta to play in and begging to paint though so I think she is missing some of her sensory/art activities. Hoping I can get those unpacked and we can dig in to that soon.

I’m hoping now that we are mostly settled in here at the micro-apartment we can take advantage of the last couple weeks of lingering summer. Since we don’t technically have “back to school” I’m going with the seasonal summer here. I’m off work next weekend and I’m hoping to get her to the zoo or a splash pad for some fun. I’m also off M/T when she gets back from the beach so her and I will find something fun to do hopefully.

As I mentioned above my girls left this evening for the beach with Ashley’s parents until Sunday. It’s only 2 nights, but it’s 1 more night than I have ever spent away from Addy. We have done 1 night during holidays and short trips home to Ashley’s moms house, but two is new. I miss her terribly already.  I know she will have fun as she thoroughly loved the beach a few weeks ago and Ashley deserves the mini-vaca after the past couple weeks we’ve had. I have to work so that’s why I’m stuck at home alone. At least I got my Bailey dog!

Here photos of what we have done! Many are from our trip to the beach with my family including a children’s museum, and the rest are from area parks and fun at home!

2015-07-21 14.02.32 2015-07-21 14.18.56 2015-07-21 14.31.27 2015-07-21 16.19.02 2015-07-22 12.15.43 2015-07-22 12.17.42 2015-07-25 10.26.07-1 2015-07-25 10.27.14-1 2015-07-25 10.27.15 2015-07-25 10.28.13 2015-07-25 10.28.39 2015-07-25 11.25.43 2015-07-25 11.26.00 2015-07-25 11.26.53 2015-07-25 11.27.05 2015-07-25 11.28.41 2015-07-25 20.01.39 2015-07-29 08.53.26 2015-08-16 11.59.05 2015-08-17 11.15.15 2015-08-17 17.19.34-2 2015-08-17 17.29.18 2015-08-20 14.56.45 2015-08-20 14.56.51 2015-08-21 09.51.38 2015-08-21 10.20.28 2015-08-21 10.23.02 2015-08-21 16.50.02 2015-07-21 12.56.37 2015-07-21 13.15.51-2




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One Response to Dear sorry neglected little blog

  1. Amanda says:

    Looks like a fun summer to me!!!! Do not fret, everyone gets SUPER busy as summer nears end. Addy looks like she is happy as a clam and that is all that matters!

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